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What is your personal opinion and your country’s rules on abortion? – Alissa Rendon (Greendale, Wisconsin)

My personal opinion on abortion is that there must be a reason to abort, or to lose your child. The reasons are: First, if the baby is disabled and he can't continue his life in a normal way, so you want to abort this child. The second reason is if the woman can't give birth, or if having the baby is a threat to her life. In these conditions there is no way except abortion. My country's rules say that abortion is illegal except for those reasons that I have written about. It is a sin for the mother to abort her baby in general, except when the baby is a boy, and she doesn't want her baby to be a boy. In this situation if she aborts him, it is a sin from God, and illegal in our country.
By Waleed

I personally believe that abortion should be allowed depending on certain cases. For example, if this woman got pregnant as a consequence of getting raped, then forcing this child on her would not be fair nor wise. However, not just anybody should be considered competent and qualified to have an abortion. People need to be responsible and held accountable for their actions. Nevertheless, in our country if there's a legal marriage where having the baby would put the mother’s life at jeopardy or risk, then abortion is legalized.
By Reem

In my opinion, I’m not in favor of abortion, but in one way I am for it. I’m not for it, because in abortion you are killing something that God gave to you; you are killing a new baby that God gave to you. The only way that I’m in favor of abortion is when there is a danger to the woman’s life. In the end, I think that my country’s rules have the same opinion.
By Janan

The Christian and Muslim religions are both against abortion. However, it is acceptable for medical reasons. These are also the rules of the country. For example, if the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life she should have an abortion. To me abortion is a personal choice. I do not prefer abortion because it puts an end to a baby’s life, and affects the mother’s psychological state.
By Juman

Abortions are neither acceptable nor legal in my country. This is related mostly to religious beliefs and political views. I think that religion and the legal system have united on this matter and confiscated the right of women to choose. Freedom of choice for women is part of the struggle for freedom and equality.
By Ahmad M

In my opinion it’s wrong if there is no reason to abort, but in some situations I think it’s ok; for example: if there is no one to rase the baby and take care of him and get him an education. Also if the woman is sick and the disease would (or could) be transmitted to the fetus. Also, if the child would live a very harsh life after birth.
By Sami

Abortion is an interesting subject that could be discussed openly. My personal opinion can change people’s idea that abortion is a murder. That’s the way my country thinks, but there are some strong reasons for why it's not murder. A strong relationship always needs sex, even if the couples are not married. They find it a strong bond in their love relation. So maybe they have a baby and they don’t want it. I think that all couples engage in sex before they got married. Nevertheless I don’t support the idea of abortion, if they only engage in sex for fun or to have a good time. What about if the baby is not in a good health, and he/she cannot be a natural human being (or in other words, abnormal)? I support the right for the woman to choose whether she wants the baby or not.
By Marian

Women, from the beginning of life, get pregnant. In my country, women have to get pregnant when they marry. But if any woman or girl becomes pregnant without getting married, is a very big issue. This girl or woman becomes a hooker and she becomes a rejected person; even her own parents could kill her or never speak with her for the rest of their lives (even if she was raped, its her fault). So in that case she has to get an abortion. But in my country, it's forbidden to have this operation unless it threatens the pregnant woman’s life. In my opinion, a woman could do this operation if she's in really big trouble, and this operation doesn't kill a human being because in my opinion the fetus doesn’t yet have a soul.
By Danah

Some people may say that abortion is like murder. Well, I sometimes think of it as murder. Because as long as there’s something living in a woman’s body then it’s alive, isn’t it? But other times I disagree with the idea of it being a murder. In Palestine abortion is illegal. Part of me agrees with the idea and the other part doesn’t. It’s a bit confusing if you think about it carefully. From my side I’m not sure if I am ever going to go through abortion. So, I don’t think it’s murder but I don’t think it’s right to abort.
By Monica

In my opinion, abortion is morally wrong. Abortion means taking someone’s life, which God forbade us to do. We ought not to take someone’s life, because everyone is born to have one. Abortion is not accepted in many societies. In addition, many countries have laws and rules that prevent abortion. For instance, in my country, abortion is forbidden and against the law. There are rules that prevent abortion in Palestine, for this reason the rate of abortion in my country is extremely low. In addition, the idea of abortion is not common among people. However, all religions forbid abortion in one way or another. Finally, I would like to say that we do not have the right to take someone’s life away. Abortion is a kind of killing and we should avoid it.
By Lana

Every person is entitled to his/her own opinion; my personal opinion on the subject of abortion is that if a woman is unable to provide for herself she is most likely unable to provide for her unborn child. Abortion is frowned upon in the society that I live in. In Islam, abortion is prohibited after the first trimester of a woman's pregnancy. Before the fetus is developed the mother is permitted to have an abortion. In general, abortion is unacceptable in the society that I live in; even though in Islam if the abortion is committed during the first trimester it is considered tolerable.
By Atheer

In my opinion of abortion it should be legal, because women are put under a lot of pressure to give birth over and over again. In many cases abortion is the only way of saving human lives, since giving birth would put the woman’s life at risk. Or maybe she can't afford a new baby and she's poor, so the baby will be born in a bad environment where most of his needs go unmet.
By Kamilia

Are abortions considered acceptable in your country, and does religion effect people’s views? Do you think abortion should be legal in Palestine? Is it currently legal? – Marie Lange Hansen and Freja Andersen (Denmark)

Abortions in our country are not acceptable after a certain point. Abortion is considered killing in our society. Religion, whether it is Christian or Muslim, forbids abortion except under special situations.

Abortion in Palestine is a very hard situation to handle; first, religion plays a big role in it, like why should a girl become pregnant if she’s not married, that’s the first thing, and secondly, people start talking and gossiping about that girl, like the news will spread all over the city, and they will know all about her. So when it comes to abortion, it’s not acceptable in Palestine.
By Hagop

Abortions are not acceptable in Palestine. Religion affects people's points of view in this situation. The religions in Palestine don't allow women to have abortions. Women are only given that right if giving birth to their babies might affect their heath. Abortion is currently considered illegal in Palestine. In my opinion, abortion shouldn’t be legal in Palestine because it against humanity. I also think it’s a murder of an innocent soul.
By Lena

In my own view, I think that abortion is murder, because you have stopped a young child from growing up. If you don’t want to have a child use protection, but don’t kill the child.

Unfortunately, 15% of the pregnant women abort their kids for many reasons. In Islam, if the woman passed the 4th month and killed her infant it’s considered a murder, but I think it should be a bit earlier.
By Ahmad

If a woman is pregnant, that means that she is creating a living organism in her body. Abortion will kill that living organism. Therefore, if a person gets an abortion that means that that person has committed a sin (crime), which is killing. Christian and Islamic religions completely forbid abortion. I do not know if abortion is legal, but I believe that it should not be legal.
By Nicole

The Christian and Muslim religions are both against abortion. However it is acceptable for medical reasons. These are also the rules of the country. For example, if the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life she should have an abortion. To me abortion is a personal choice. I do not prefer abortion because it puts an end to a baby’s life, and affects the mother’s psychological state.
By Juman

Abortion is a debatable issue all over the world. There is no agreement whether it is ethical or not. Some people believe that it should be legal because a woman has the right to own her body. Others believe that she hasn't the freedom of choice because there is a fetus inside her body.

In Palestine the issue is debatable and there is no agreement about this issue. It is allowed in our country for some medical cases, but in general it is illegal .Activist women and some non-governmental organizations advocate to make it legal.

I think that religion plays a vital role in making a decision of abortion. I know many women who have medical reasons for abortion, but in spite of this they stay pregnant because they are religious. I think abortion should be legal in Palestine for some cases like those who are suffering from medical problems and for those who are raped or victims of incest.
By Lama

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