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This Week In Palestine January Issue

Palestinian Teens Publish Online Magazine

Tenth graders from the Friends Boys School (FBS) have recently leaped onto the world stage with an ambitious project: their own online magazine.

This quarterly publication, called Behind the Wall (, is the first of its kind in the West Bank and serves as a platform for Palestinian youth to share their experiences and ideas with the world. This teen site is now in its third edition with a fourth scheduled for February. It is loaded with rich content that covers a wide array of topics, from music and food to the difficulties of life under occupation.

Student writers speak candidly and expressively about their lives and the issues that they care about. Their work is pithy, refreshingly honest, and straight from the heart. It is an interesting read for old and you ng alike.

Not surprisingly, this teen-inspired effort has already gained global attention. Since its unveiling eight months ago, Behind the Wall has received over 25,000 separate visits. Not bad for a publication that is anchored in a high school English class.

Even more impressive, FBS students have also been able to accumulate a number of school partners from around the world. Their current issue lists contributions from over twenty classrooms from such distant places as Brazil, Canada, Russia, Turkey, England, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

This project is embedded in the tenth-grade writing curriculum of FBS Teacher Doug Hart. Most student articles were assigned and graded during English class. The publication?s editorial board consists of thirteen high-level eleven t h-grade FBS English students who assist in editing, marketing, and overall content development.

In the next issue of Behind the Wall, student writers will wrestle with a number of issues that relate to religion and freedom. They will also answer questions from peers all over the world. Teacher Hart predicts that it will be the best edition yet. Stay tuned!

If you have questions or comments, contact Teacher Hart at

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