The opinions expressed by students do not represent the views of Ramallah Friends School (FBS) and Friends United Meeting.
About Us
In this web-site, you will read the thoughts and feelings of Palestinian teenagers. Their ideas have not been edited because we believe you want to know what is really in their hearts and minds. Students are asked questions and directed to comment on given topics. They also often write about issues they choose. Peers edit the articles for grammar. The result is what you see in Behind The Wall.

Behind The Wall (BW) is a portal for Palestinian youth voice. It provides a platform for teenagers to speak honestly and openly about their opinions and experiences in the Occupied Territories.

The BW publication does not advocate any political, religious, or cultural agenda. It merely offers a transparent window into the hearts and minds of Palestinian youth. BW believes that this neutral approach represents the only solid foundation for genuine understanding of Palestinian teenagers. Ramallah Friends School 10th grade students serve as BW's writers. Most of their writing is done within their English classes.

Mr. Hart, their English teacher, initiated this project and serves as its facilitator as well as the publication editor. Behind The Wall is anchored in Mr. Hart's English curriculum. Linda VanLaan, an elementary school teacher in the United Arab Emirates, is currently serving as Layout and Design Editor. This e-zine was developed by Rapids Computer Solutions in West Michigan, USA.

During this school year, BW will be publishing four separate ezine editions (September, November, March, June). Your feedback is welcome!

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