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Teacher Hart turns student e-zine over to students: Interview with new Behind The Wall editorial board co-chairs

Meet youth around the world on Youth Noise

Ramallah teens make student film on Shakespeare' Romeo & Juliet

This edition is underwritten by Azzam Elders, Terry Ahwal, Bob Morris and their friends in Wayne County, Michigan
In this web-site, you will read the thoughts and feelings of Palestinian teenagers. Their ideas have not been edited because we believe you want to know what is really in their hearts and minds. Students are asked questions and directed to comment on given topics. They also often write about issues they choose. The result is what you see in Behind The Wall.
Discussion Boards Freedom & Religion Survey

You are welcome to participate in Behind The Wall's new discussion areas. You can join our conversation in any of the three rooms. Please keep your questions and comments serious, thoughtful, and clean. Profanity and hate will not be tolerated.

An extensive survey on a host of issues relating to freedom and religion. Most Ramallah Friends School 10th grade students participated in the poll and reacted to the results..
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Freedom and Religion Q & A
Palestinian Teens talk Freedom & Religion. The Ramallah Friends School 10th graders received dozens of questions from their peers around the world (representing 9 countries). Questions focus on issues relating to this edition's two themes: freedom and religion
Religion in Politics
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My Freedom
The Conflict
My Faith
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